A little more about us…..incase you’re interested 😉
We have been married since 2015. Our wedding was epic! It had everything we could have possibly wanted! Best. Wedding. Ever! Okay, we may be a little biased but the best part is that we get to re-live all of those incredible moments that our own amazing wedding photographer was able to capture for us.
Stuck for a Friday night date night idea? Grab a couple glasses of wine, some charcuterie, and pop your wedding album up onto the tv screen. Good food + great company + reminiscing over a great day = a perfect date night! 
So, here’s the thing. Our love story isn’t one that you will find being broadcast by Disney or Netflix (although who doesn’t love a good fairytale or Rom-Com.... Am I right??!!). We don't have a unique or interesting story for you. The key for us is this: we wake up every single day and choose the life that we have made together. Cliche? Maybe...but partnership is work. It’s about learning from mistakes and growing together. We genuinely like each other and want to do right by each other. We have learned to really truly talk to each other and hear what each of us has to say. The rest is easy. The rest is an adventure (and both of us happen to love a good adventure). 
So while we may not be movie or story worthy, we do believe that our own love story will go down as one of the best, because we choose to live our own adventure every single day with purpose. We have 3 beautiful children that keep us on our toes and who have been a major factor when it comes to our inspiration to start our business. 
We want to teach our kids what it means to connect with other people and how to capture beautiful moments. We want them to understand how to slow down and really see the world around them. We want to be outside, experiencing the world. Cliche or not, we want to spend each of our life minutes with purpose and doing something together that we can be proud of and feel good about. Capturing parts of the lives of others and giving them those visual images to hold on to feels like a worthwhile venture to us. 

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